Life Orchestra

The SVAC Life Orchestra is one of the Bay Area’s promising youth orchestras, performing several times each year.


KidsCooking offers opportunities to school age students opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultural cooking and food.

Kidz Corner

Kidz Corner provides a fun environment for babies/toddlers and their parents to bond and have fun together.

King’s Kids Choir

Since God created music and put it in our hearts, it’s only natural for kids to want to sing. King’s Kids Choir offers a school year long program for children to sing their hearts out.

Tutoring Club

During the school year, SVAC offers three 8-session tutoring courses for elementary school students to help them develop deeper understanding of their coursework in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Youth Basketball Camp

In our annual youth summer camp, beginners learn the basics of playing basketball, with hands-on coaching in an atmosphere where the focus is on making friends and having fun.


ESL Class

Throughout the year, we offer an adult ESL class to help develop fluency and understanding in English speaking. If you are interested, please come and join us.

Line Dance

Looking for a fun and high energy line dance class that gives you a good workout on every Saturday? We got one for you right here at SVAC.

Parenting Courses

Are there times when you feel overwhelmed parenting your children?  Or perhaps you are interested in learning principles and techniques that will help you during your journey as a parent.

Photo Club

Want to explore or improve photo skills, to better express what you want in a photograph? Photo Club may be a place where you can have free discussion with other amateur or professional photographs.

Ping Pong

Want to find a partner or two to play ping pong? Every Tuesday night and Saturday morning we have a few Ping Pong tables ready for you!

Tai Chi

Whether you never learn or have been practicing Tai Chi for years, you are welcome to join our every Saturday Tai Chi class. We have a beginner class as well as an advanced class for you.