How to join Life Orchestra

Audition for Life Orchestra

Please be prepared to perform the following:
1. One slow and melodic solo piece
2. One fast tempo piece, demonstrating technique
3. Scales and arpeggios: two octaves of any of the following majors (G, A, Bb, and C)
4. Sight reading

Audition for Junior Life Orchestra

Please be prepared to perform the following:
1. One solo piece of your choice
2. Two octaves of G and C major scales
3. Sight reading

Application and Membership Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee of $10 applicable towards the tuition fee when the applicant has passed the audition. The annual membership fee is $350, due by July 15 of the year prior to the next season. There will also be a $100 deposit due once the applicant has passed the audition and is accepted into the orchestra. This is refundable upon good attendance of not more than 5 absences (or the equivalent of a total of 10 tardiness or leaving early) in the entire season.

Please write all checks payable to: ‘Silicon Valley Alliance Church’. Also put down “Life Orchestra” and the name of the applicant on the check.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT in the Life Orchestra is expected. Every parent needs to commit to at least one task (like set up / clean up for the rehearsal or help keep young kids in order if needed) sometime during the course of the year. If your child is accepted, you will be requested to sign up for a Life Orchestra volunteer area.

Please print the form below, fill out completely and print clearly using dark ink, together with $10 application fee, and return to:

Silicon Valley Alliance Church Life Orchestra Auditions
10 Dempsey Road, Milpitas, CA 95035

Forms Download

Audition Application Form for Life Orchestra
Audition Application Form for Junior Life Orchestra